The Myth of the Three Dragons

The Three Dragon Myths which speak to us through the Game, come from two groups of cultures —half a world apart.

  1. The first, Is from a Far Eastern Dragon Myth Interpretation, which portrays Dragons as magnificent and prodigious, (*1) “protectors of the swamp,” bold, brilliant, and beautiful; – yet they are consistently undone, by their vanity and use of power. For our purposes, We will call this
    The High Dragon”.
  2. The Second Myth of the Dragon, comes to us from an Interpretation of one of the European Dragon myths, and portrays the Dragon, — as a cave-dwelling creature, equal to our basest natures (*2)“a hoarder of gold and virgins.”  This Dragon possesses only, and knows only, — its own repugnancy and pain. Obsequious with the darkest places of itself, it cannot participate in the philanthropy of the spirit, nor, the joys of love. For our purposes, We will call this “The Low Dragon
  3. The Third Myth, is a compilation of both an Asian and a European – Specifically Germanic-Myth, and blends these  two paradoxical forms to produce a third and rarest of all Dragons;
    The Golden Dragon”-

Quotation Footnotes
*1 & *2) Joseph Campbell-in conversation with Michael Toms from- The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell Series

As we speak of:
“Slaying our Dragons to become a Dragon”.
The Golden Dragon is said, to lie in a place so peaceful and harmonious that few have ever glimpsed it.

There is confusion to this day, as to whether these sightings are The Golden Dragon or a child . . . which seems to be reported in the same breath. This unfettered place where the Golden Dragon lies is the birthright of all people. This precious gift from the Divine Nature, which is born in each one of us, is a place of balance and serenity. For our purposes,  We may also call this, “The Golden” or “The Balanced Dragon

What do we know of Dragons?

“The World Culture” is rich in Dragons.  The Dragon, in many cultures, has a wide spectrum of meanings.  The early “Old World”(Anglo-Euro) and the early Far Eastern World are places where the stories of these ancient creatures tell us they were both feared and respected; sought after and hunted; and were everything from the portenders of wealthand powerful protectors, to the cause of poverty, sadness and ruin.  This great variety of symbolic meaning can speak to us, when we look to the Dragon myths, legends and stories as metaphors, for what they most certainly were to the “Old World”, and are to our present-day psyches.

How do the High and Low Dragons relate to us?

These Dragons are the parts of ourselves which do not serve us.  They are the parts of us, wherein, we tell ourselves that we are not worthy of love,… that we have no right to happiness, … and that all others are better than we are.

This is the Low Dragon as: Abused Ego — the place of insecurity, depression and inaction.

Likewise, are those parts of us with which we tell ourselves we are superior to others, that we are above service to our fellow persons, and that,
all our deeds and motives are righteous.

This is the High Dragon as: Inflated ego— the place of hubris, conceit and arrogance.

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