Flowing Dragon Swords

Reaches to Develop and Embody the Two Most Powerful Forces on Earth:

  • The first is Water From the Physical Realm; We reach to flow and be like Water and
  • The other is LOVE from the Esoteric Realm We reach to continually open and encompass all in Love

“I am not the Master of this Game;
There is no Master of Flowing Dragon Swords
I am a student in the classroom with you.”

Richard Squeri,
Founder Flowing Dragon Swords

A beautiful Poem by a student and friend;

Dragon Paradox

Flow with the strength of water,
Connect with the strength of love.
Two swords touch myth and legend,
Hold with mindfulness—and the breath
Moves two unique energies
In a triple focus of spheres as they
Flow with the strength water,
Connect with the strength of love.

Cameo Archer August 2005

(An FDS Student’s proposed Creed for the receiving of a Bokken, in the Practice of Flowing Dragon Swords;)

My Bokken is an Extension of my Arm;
Its use is an Extension of my Love.
My Eyes are the Windows to my Soul and I offer them openly to the eyes of
My Opponent/Teacher.
My Bow before each game symbolizes my personal Integrity & Honor to the
And my Respect, in the highest principles of the Martial Arts Tradition.

Offered by
Steve Easterling

“A Game with a thousand Deaths in it;
Is preferable to a Game without Integrity.”


“If the Divine Nature – the Creator-
Had meant for us to figure life out by ourselves,
We would all have been put on our
Own planets.”


“… the Swords are not the Dangerous part of our practice; it is without doubt the ‘Dragons’ we all carry, which can do the most harm.”


“In the beginning of our Game, we are only here to witness for one another the act of Acknowledgment and allow ourselves the chance to learn about our own movement or stillness and the body which we are blessed with, while in communion with our “opponent/teacher”.


The following are principles, from Aikido practice, and are presented here as my interpretation of what was purported to me, from my current Sensei, Sensei Noha, in a story from his experience of an understanding from Endo Sensei in Japan. This is not meant to be a quote or even what Sensei Noha necessarily meant by sharing them with me. They are what I’ve formulated and taken away from that experience and have used to speak to similar principles in FDS Practice with my students. (RS)


  1. Connection
    Beginning with you…
    Connect with the self, breathe away all agenda.
    We then Open the “Heart-Mind”/ “Soul”, the “Consciousness”…
    Simultaneously we reach for the eyes as the windows to the soul, and gently request that we may enter.
  2. Blend With and Enter
    While we are joined in connection we ebb and flow with our “Opponent/Teacher”, leading and following, co-creating and being present.
    We then go to our own breath; it is this that allows us to “listen” to the other through the swords, in each fresh moment.
  3. Technique
    The last consideration, and only after the first two are embodied as second nature, along with the growth of your overall game, does this then become something to turn your attention more to:  first – train and train.
“Reliance on secret techniques will get you nowhere”-O’ Sensei

Another way to express the same truths we can glean from FDS practice

The Ji Ho Kye:
–Has only to do with the self, the singular, The “I”;“The Individual Realm”
The Ri Ho Kye: 
–Has to do with the group, the collective, the “general”“The General or Collective Realm”
Knowing both of these expressions, we reach
 to be able to express them, this other way in the future;
“Ji-Ri” Moo Gay
Individual, General – No Obstruction
…And finally the expression of this next line is considered a sacred understanding to reach for and speak from;
“Ji-Ji” Moo Gay
Individual, Individual – No Obstruction
From Joseph Campbell


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