(Feeding the Dragon)

These Dragons, both High and Low, are at the well-hidden edges of our conscious behavior and placed stealthily in the subconscious.
These Dragons are masked by us, — keeping them from societal scrutiny- and are fed by the “tiny-unhealthy voices”, which speak to our abused subconscious with amazing, “self-indulgent-clarity”:–when we are not keeping our practice.

Famed Psychiatrist, Carl Jung, states that the subconscious often appears as water in dreams. The Chinese tale of the Four Dragons, corroborates this most obviously, as it represents,- water as being the host realm for many of the Dragons; As well as these creatures’ abilityto bestow and control the Earth’s life-giving rain, further affirming their powerful mythic and psychological properties.

This archetype has a good deal of corroboration in much of Dragon Lore and is further supported by the premiere Mythologist, Joseph Campbell;

“Our Dragons /Demons are our own limitations,
Which cut us off from the Ubiquity of the spirit”.
Joseph Campbell

Our Dragons/Our Demons, slain or embraced;

How will we try to understand ourselves?

The Beautiful truth of this fact, which we tend to ignore, is that there are many practices to assist us and it is our own inattention and lack of awareness, which allow these tiny-unhealthy voices and petty conversations great fodder

Without realizing it, we are both the “Grifter” and the “Mark”, and it isour signatures on both lines of every contract.
We then secretly compose all the pictures, which appear in this gallery of falsehoods.

There is a different internal dialog available, to all of us.
It just needs supporting, clearing and strengthening.

We may pick up our sword and Slay these falsehoods, by choosing to look deep in the mirror of our “Opponent/Teacher” and we can discover; there is no losing; there is only life and learning.

Here is where we must face the Dragons, and Slay them;
To slay these Dragons:

  • We must be willing to honor ourselves
  • To honor ourselves we must be willing to ask others to help us look at ourselves, in a deep and meaningful way- a way in which, we are born knowing; but have been trained away from.
“If the Divine Nature, – the Creator,
Had meant for us to Figure Life out by Ourselves,
We Would All Have Been Put On Our
Own Planets.”
(Richard Squeri)

Our Opponent/Teachers-
– Can provide us the reminders.

These can be the places of physical disconnection manifesting between the swords /or in Advanced Play; what are said to be “touches”, “physical-acknowledgements” (or in Flowing Dragon Swords Terms), :“Reminder-deaths” in the Game.


 When acknowledged as the honor that it is, the “Death”,
— provides opportunity for learning and new life.

The Game goes on forever…

These Reminder Deaths keep us present with  the other, while reaching for a more complete awareness of the self . This is where we may touch upon The Divine Presence  if we are willing to look at ourselves through & with the other: while reaching to quiet Fear and Desire.

The opponent/teachers are not therapists, but rather, the truest of mirrors; which only reflect, if we are willing to look,– past the reflection, to a new image, of the two as the “Greater-One”.   Along the way there will be life, learning and death.

However, if we choose, and stay present,  we may find that there is just life and learning, and if we (*3) “Invest in the loss,” (The Death), and choose learning,
There will only ever be life.

For in a world where death is a part of life, there can never be an end,  Just transition while we assimilate the lesson. Bringing our attention back to being in the moment, Present with the other, this is the key to being in the truest sense “Ourselves”. This realization is a reaching for the Divine, with and through honoring our opponent/teacher, within ourselves.

Quotation Foote Notes
*3) Prof. Cheng Man-Chi ng in the book- “T ’ai Chi”- The “Supreme Ultimate”
(‘Exercise for Health, Sport and Self –Defense”)

The inexpressible, the transcendent,

if sought, is felt and touched
by us in many ways

This is just another practice . . .

The first interchanges of Flowing Dragon Sword Practice; should be with a skilled FDS instructor, the areas of the Psyche involved in this practice, can be extremely delicate.



“If the Divine Nature, – the Creator,
Had meant for us to Figure Life out by Ourselves,
We Would All Have Been Put On Our
Own Planets.”

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