A Therapeutic Tool



Flowing Dragon Swords (FDS) is now a healing practice in a number of psychotherapeutic settings. Therapists like it because it accelerates the process of gaining access to otherwise sensitive areas of discussion. Clients/Patients like it because it is non-competitive, promotes connection in safe ways, and is empowering, while pointedly nonjudgmental and non-threatening.

FDS’s play promotes intimacy and communication – the cornerstones of emotional healing – within a context of safety, integrity and fun. It acts like a lens to focus attention on issues that need to be addressed in a safe non-verbal format that allows for conversation and reflection at a later time.

I found ‘Flowing Dragon Swords’ to be a powerful exercise of mindfulness involving a profound integration of body and psyche.  Richard’s presentation is clear and far-reaching, inviting the beginner immediate opportunities for growth, and a glimpse into the discipline’s possibilities.

Tom Robbe,

A Relationship Game
Flowing Dragon Swords is a game of connection with enormous benefits in terms of personal growth and reaching out to others. As we allow ourselves to release into connection and trust, we encounter the simple joy of being present with another human being. Within this context physical movement is co-created absent of any agenda. As we reach for intuition lost, we encounter innocence, spontaneity, and the rhythm of the divine nature in us all.

Flowing Dragon Swords was an incredible experience. Richard made it very non-threatening. I felt like I got in touch with parts of myself that had long been dormant. I would recommend Flowing Dragon Swords to anyone interested in getting to know him/herself better.

Maggie Browning
The first interchanges of Flowing Dragon Sword Practice; should be with a skilled FDS instructor, the areas of the Psyche involved in this practice, can be extremely delicate.


One of the most remarkable displays of the healing power of Flowing Dragon Swords is with Youth at Risk, or anyone who has been deeply wounded and is distrustful of those who “think” they can help.

For Males

Many young men respond to the “Archetypes” in the Game; the sword and its mythic-poetry. This often helps to re-direct the very real feelings many have, about society’s lack of a “Rite of Passage” for them; while honoring the ever-present “Quest”- Ideal, which is at the core of every young man’s search for himself.

For Females

Many young women find the taking up of the Sword empowering; yet it is the co-creation of the Game, the movement and depth, which honors them equally and brings an experiential element of the strength of the feminine. This missing component, not found in our modern-societal-norms, allows the power of the scared feminine through in a most palpable way.

The sword-to-sword contact and physical movement of Flowing Dragon Swords represents a safe haven because the body and soul speak clearly when given the proper opportunity.

Rapport is established with incredible speed. This blazes a trail for healing and forms a foundation for healthy relationships. When we speak without words the heart listens because it knows this is real, this is true, and “I can trust this”.

Richard agreed to come to an alternative Junior High School, where I work as a counselor. These teens are often cynical, tough-acting, and let’s just say, can very often be an uncooperative population. Richard was able to get every young person to participate. It was more than amazing. They were nervous and reticent at first. He was very gentle, accepting and non- threatening. I was most impressed with the “sacred space” he created and the respect that he showed each and every student. This experiential game involves risk, trust and exposure to their peers. These issues are especially prevalent with the teens in this class. Richard commanded a respect in a gentle accepting way. We were indeed honored.

Peggy Parnell
Therapeutic Intern
The first interchanges of Flowing Dragon Sword Practice; should be with a skilled FDS instructor, the areas of the Psyche involved in this practice, can be extremely delicate.

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