Organizational Applications


Within a business or organizational setting Flowing Dragon Swords (“FDS”), training can be used for communication training, team building, and personal growth. It is applicable for individuals or for groups of up to 60 people (or more in rotation). FDS is effective for managers, staff, and sales people and is an ideal tool for any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs where person-to-person contact is essential.


The nonverbal communication component of Flowing Dragon Swords is an excellent adjunct to any team building or group process work within the context of a goal setting or other organizational development structure. FDS’s practice cuts through the communication patterns and agendas people unconsciously bring to the workplace. Organization Development (OD) consultants often find FDS’s practice a key element to success when stakeholders are bitterly divided and resolution seems remote.

Whether you are an outside consultant or are managing change from within an organization, you will find Flowing Dragon Swords to be most effective when person-to-person contact is required for success. Give us a call so we can schedule time to review your upcoming project or other organizational concerns. We’ll walk you through how Flowing Dragon Swords can add cohesion and productivity to your important communication needs.

From an organizational perspective, Flowing Dragon Swords with Richard was a very profound experience.  We used the game as a team-building experience with our employees, most of whom were senior-level business and government consultants…
Knowing that it is imperative to maintain contact to prevent your own “death”, has proved invaluable in both my personal and professional life.”

Faron W. Woodard
Strategic Enterprise Solutions, LLC

In our Clarity International workshops and trainings we are guiding people to transform the way they live and lead.  The FDS exercises you presented provided a powerful method to help participants see how the invisible forces of energy are translated into visible actions.  The practice of Flowing Dragon Swords under your guidance helped everyone see the power of focused attention on creating deep connections.  We all found it very enlightening to see these deep connections form doing something we all thought of as play.The afternoon we spent with you was a wonderful and fun demonstration of the principles we teach.  We thank you.

Cathy & Gary Hawk
Clarity International

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