The Power of the Game



The Importance of Non-Verbal Learning Tools

Studies suggest over 90% of the meaning we derive from communication comes from non-verbal sources. Flowing Dragon Swords is a learning game and therapeutic tool; –part martial art, part psychological self-exploration and spiritual practice. It is based primarily in non-verbal methods of communication and the gradual acquisition of a new awareness of the self. The spontaneous co-creation of movement in the game provides part of this important new dialog, though all that is necessary is the ability to simply hold a wooden sword.

Flowing Dragon Swords is a remarkably effective means of creating successful communication structures in both group settings and between individuals. We invite you to discover the power of learning without speaking and communicating without words. We think you will find FDS’s play to be an invaluable tool for any life-affirming goal on your path, the life of your company, your group’s activity, retreat, or in-service.

“The Flowing Dragon Swords’- game, in the way master teacher Richard Squeri presents it, is a language of the soul. It provides a direct route to what my heart wants to reveal to me…Practicing this dance over time teaches us to tune in to the body, mind, and Spirit while we remain engaged with another human being…

As I put away my sword and ease into the rest of my day, I find that this remarkable game transforms all my encounters in a positive way.

Justine Toms
New Dimensions Radio

The first interchanges of Flowing Dragon Sword Practice; should be with a skilled FDS instructor, the areas of the Psyche involved in this practice, can be extremely delicate.

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