Flowing Dragon Swords

Is a “Game” of Communication, Relationship and Movement, which involves:


  • The Crossing and Continuous Touching of Wooden Swords
  • Engaging in a Deep Personal Dialog with the “Other” and
  • Inviting a Greater understanding of the “Self”

Over 90% of the meaning you derive from communication comes from non-verbal sources. Flowing Dragon Swords practice is based on non-verbal techniques and is a remarkably effective tool for you to create successful communication structures in both group settings and between individuals.

Briefly, How the Game is Played
& What it does:

Flowing Dragon Swords is played when two people face each other and touch wooden swords, then as soon as possible, make and maintain consistent eye contact. The Sword contact is held with no aggressive movement or preplanned outcome. The object is for two people to connect deeply and if inspired, to co-create motion. When this is realized, a window to another world opens. Suddenly, there is no winning or losing, no blame, or expectation – there is simply seeing yourself and others in a profound and simple way that heals, forms bonds, and invites deep dialogue.

“Profound in its simplicity. . .The Game offers access to the possibility of deep self discovery that lies, I think, in every person’s heart.”

Jim Williams
Affiliate Services
New Dimensions World Broadcasting

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