The Game

The basic game played in Flowing Dragon Swords involves two people. After a ritual opening to help quiet the mind and bring attention to the present, each takes up a wooden sword (bokken). The players being by bowing, then touching the swords together at a single, still point. Offering each other eye contact, they reach for a deep, meaningful connection with each other.

Each player tries to maintain and explore that connection through their swords, eyes, and spirit, as they co-generate movement together. Players are reaching for “flow”- a sense of energized focus, deep enjoyment, and full involvement with the game. If the swords do come apart, the players bow, rejoin the swords, and continue. Through the playful exploration of this connection, the players have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and the ones they play with.

There is no winning or losing in Flowing Dragon Swords. There is no score or points. There’s no way to “beat” the other person. We are in it together, working together, celebrating together.

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