Services for the Stage and Screen

As a young man growing up in Connecticut, Richard Squeri fell in love with the stories and battles enacted by the Sicilian Rod Puppets of the Stoney Creek Puppet House (now the Legacy Theatre). Following his dreams, he moved to California and enrolled in stunt school.

Flash forward to today: Richard has served the Theatre and Film industries for over 40 years. His experience extends across stunts, stage combat, martial arts, counseling for at risk youth, and a bit of philosophy.

Richard provides top-notch service for the Stage & Screen alongside Flowing Dragon Swords, a practice of deep interpersonal connection which has been a boon to performers and non-performers alike.

Stage Combat Instruction & Choreography

Having choreographed stunts and violence for 400+ productions, Richard is well practiced at helping actors safely tell the most violent parts of our favorite stories.

Intimacy for the Stage & Screen

Only recently has the industry begun to officially recognize Intimacy Coordinators with the title they deserve, but they’ve been around unofficially for quite some time! Richard has helped many actors maintain their safety and comfort through scenes where many characters find themselves at their most vulnerable.

Weapon Hire & Special Effects Fabrication

Richard has an armory of stage-combat worthy swords, daggers, axes, shields, prop firearms, and more which are fantastic for a variety of shows. Have a more unique requirement? Various special effects and props can be purpose built for your production!

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