Stage Combat & FDS

All of Richard’s stage combat students and actor-combatants are introduced to Flowing Dragon Swords (FDS) early in the process. Having the experience of playing FDS is very useful as a reference point which translates to the connection we want to maintain in stage combat choreography. While the actors are doing violent actions, safety is maintained by everybody staying aware and connected to each other. Timing and collaboration of movement, distance between partners, and awareness of the space and potential hazards, are all useful and have some crossover between Stage Combat and Flowing Dragon Swords.

The nonverbal communication component of Flowing Dragon Swords is an excellent adjunct to any team building or group process work. FDS can be a great tool to help casts and crews build and reinforce ensemble. In addition, the quality of connection FDS promotes can also help people manage the more stressful parts of productions with an extra shot of humility and compassion.

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